Vanessa Diaz is Federico's high school sweetheart who becomes his wife and the mother of his two sons Julio Diaz and Augusto Diaz.


She worked as a nursing assistant at a care home for the elderly but was fired for negligence after failing to notice that a patient had caused the death of another patient after shoving a hot dog down the latter's throat. She slips into a depression and starts to alienate her husband when she spends more time with her sister.

In Season Four when Federico has an affair with a stripper, they separate but she has difficulty raising their sons alone and soon asks him to move back in with them. However, she remains cold towards him but starts treating him better when he says that he will move out again for good. They soon get their marriage back on track.

She pushes him into starting his own mortuary business and they remain together until his death at the age of 75.

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