The Room
Season 1, Episode 6
Ep06 1
First Aired July 8, 2001
Episode Guide
"An Open Book"

"The Room" is the sixth episode of the first season of Six Feet Under.  It was written by Christian Taylor, directed by Rodrigo García and first aired on July 8, 2001.


Nate continues to learn disturbing things about his father. This time he finds out that sometimes his father would barter for funerals. In one case, he traded a room. While David is pursuing a closer relationship with his church, a divorcee tries to pursue a closer relation with him. Claire meets Brenda's brother Billy and they hit it off extremely well. Ruth is still with Hiram, but is now also being pursued by her husband's florist, Nikolai.


Main Cast

Guest Starring

Also Guest Starring

  • Ed O'Ross as Nikolai
  • Tim Maculan as Father Jack


  • Dina Waters as Tracey Montrose Blair
  • Shishir Kurup as Restaurant Owner
  • Jeffrey Corbett as One Night Stand
  • Tim deZarn as Mechanic
  • Lorinne Vozoff as Jessica Wilcox
  • David Stifel as Indigent Man
  • Howard Mungo as Man At Viewing
  • Jessica Stone as Young Brenda


Mildred "Hattie" Effinger Jones

April 16th, 1920- March 21st, 2001

Mildred "Hattie" Jones passed away peacefully on March 21, 2001.

Hattie was born on April 16, 1920, in Carbondale, PA, the second youngest of nine children. She met her husband Alfred at a county fair, where she was performing with her sisters in a vocal trio called "The Glory Bees" and he was playing trombone in a traveling band. The couple wed two weeks later, on May 8, 1944 and continued traveling with Alfred's band before eventually settling in California.

Hattie loved to cook, crochet and sing in the church choir. She was a loving wife, friend and sister, and will be remembered for her humor, her generosity, her famous coffee cakes and her beaming smile.

Hattie is survived by her loving husband of 56 years, Alfred; her sister Mabel and her brother Mitchell.

Visitation will be held at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, today from 2-4PM. Funeral mass will follow at 5PM at Second Baptist Church. God bless you, Hattie. We will miss you dearly.


Song Title Performer(s)
Journey to the Center of the Mind Amboy Dukes
Spooky Classics 4
Celluloid Hypnotic (Hypnotic Remix) Spylab
Shake Chris Walsh & Dave Beran
Let's Go Out Tonight Craig Armstrong


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