The Last Time
Season 2, Episode 13
First Aired June 2, 2002
Episode Guide
"I'll Take You"
"Perfect Circles"

"The Last Time" is the season finale of the second season of Six Feet Under. It was written by Kate Robin, directed by Alan Ball and first aired on June 2, 2002.



Main Cast

Guest Starring

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Aaron Buchbinder (1976 - 2002)

Aaron Buchbinder finally died after an unbearably long illness that clearly lingered well past the boundaries of familial obligation. Aaron graduated from a very expensive Ivy league school and drove a very expensive car and liked to eat at very expensive restaurants with very expensive escorts, none of which matters now that he's dead. He is survived by no one of importance and several acquaintances. Before illness struck him down in the prime of life, Aaron had a lot more fun and a lot more friends. No services will be held.


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