Everyone Leaves
Season 3, Episode 10
First Aired May 4, 2003
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"The Opening"
"Death Works Overtime"

"Everyone Leaves" is the tenth episode of the third season of Six Feet Under. It was written by Scott Buck, directed by Dan Minahan and first aired on May 4, 2003.


Nate tends to Maya while Lisa visits her sister. Meanwhile, Vanessa seems like her old self.



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Jeanette Louise Bradford (1928-2003)

Bradford, Jeanette Louis - Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1928 and called home by our Father in Heaven on June 7 at 75 years of age.

Jeanie was preceded in death by her parents Joseph and Anna Green, her sister Dorothy, and her husband Roy Bradford. She is survived by her children Reginald Bradford and Virginia Ross, five grandchildren, three nieces, two-great-grandchildren, and seven great-nieces and nephews.

Jeanie was a warm and feisty lady with many friends. She attended church every Sunday for 49 years at First United Methodist Church of Sand Diego and volunteered at the Balboa Branch Library on Tuesday evenings. Jeanie was known for her green thumb, her rich desserts, and her love of Nat King Cole recordings. She will be greatly missed.

Burial on Tuesday at 2p.m. at Everlasting Memorial Park, 1702 San Pasqual St. San Diego, CA 92101.


Song Title Performer(s)
Our Love is Gonna Live Forever Spain


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