Durrell and Anthony Charles-Fisher
Durrell and Anthony Charles-Fisher
Portrayed by: Kendré Berry
C.J. Sanders
First appearance: "The Rainbow of Her Reasons" (Durrell)
"Eat a Peach" (Anthony)
Latest appearance: "Everyone's Waiting"
Status: Alive
Relatives: Keith Charles (adoptive father)
David Fisher (adoptive father)
Nathaniel Fisher (adoptive grandfather)
Ruth Fisher (adoptive grandmother)
Nate Fisher (adoptive uncle)
Claire Fisher (adoptive aunt)

Durrell and Anthony Charles-Fisher are the adoptive sons of Keith Charles and David Fisher.

The couple meet Anthony at an "adoption picnic" and immediately bond with him. After Mary, the surrogate mother, announces her pregnancy, plans to adopt the boy fade away but then Mary gets her period. Following this falling through, they learn that Anthony has an older brother named Durrell, who they discover they will also be adopting.

For two weeks the older brother tests the waters with the couple and Keith's patience, with the latter thinking it is time for both brothers to go but David sticks up for them in front of Keith and the social worker and the adoption becomes permanent.

Durrell eventually becomes comfortable in his new surroundings after Keith and David lay down some rules and show him some support.

At age 11, Durrell expresses an interest in becoming a fireman but in the series finale he is shown spending time with David in the prep room and likely inherits the Fisher & Sons business after David's retirement as he conducts Ruth's funeral. He goes on to marry and have three children while Anthony is seen at Keith and David's wedding in the company of a male companion.