Billy Chenowith is a recurring character who is the son of Bernard Chenowith and Margaret Chenowith and the younger brother of Brenda Chenowith. He was portrayed by Jeremy Sisto.


He and Brenda had a close relationship as children but he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and hospitalized.  When released, he showed up at her house unnanounced and later attacked her, attempting to give her a tattoo in honor of a book character they both liked as children.

He was re-admitted to rehab but Brenda was not too happy when he was released to spend Christmas Day with their mother. However, in spite of this, they care a great deal about each other.

When Brenda dies, he is shown by her side talking to the doctor.


  • Although absent for the first three episodes of the first season despite having an uncredited role in the pilot, Billy did not become a series regular until the fourth episode.

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